Digging Deeper

I fell into a rabbit hole, turning my world upside down in all the best ways. A switch flipped and my artist butt fell into the chair everyday until bing, bang, boom the windows and doors started flying open. The air is clear and I’m on the move!

My tribe came to me, I came to them. Magic happened! I discovered a whole new approach to music, my process and I’m collaborating with and learning from some of the most talented and sensitive artists I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We all met in Catch the Moon Music through Cathy Heller. One freaking magical soul.

We are in the middle of a Convention for songwriters and music supervisors for tv, film, and ads and I’m getting more and more inspired everyday. There are not enough hours in the day to create music. If my body didn’t need sleep, I’d be writing for 24 hours every day! I AM LOVING THE PROCESS. I’m deeply humbled to be learning from the best in the business, and my heart is breaking so hard and so good.

Yesterday we were asked to do an exercise and find items that represented ourselves and our music. Some of mine overlapped, and I’d like to share them with you, in addition to some of the symbolism that becamse clear to me while we were having a discussion on the signifigance of these items.

If someone were to find a bag of items in the future that represented you…

A set of paints-be bold and create color

Flowers or Roses-find joy in the simple things

All my songs & poetry handwritten in one book-overcoming intense pain and challenges, encouragement, connection, love, perspective, family memories

Black and white stripes-balance, seeing both sides

Butterflies in some form-don’t be afraid of change

Photobook of all my nature photos-you are small in the grand scheme

MY MUSIC BAG (some overlap)

Beating heart-vulnerability

Toy piano-childlike, teachable, humble

Large Rock-grounded, not afraid of hard hitting truths

Rose-tender, but strong

Wildly painted couch-comfortable being bold and unique

Butterfly-Light, free, beauty in change

Even though I have known and connected to many of these since my childhood, it felt so grounding to lay them out in this way. An authentic pathway to my own branding. These are the things you have seen and will continue to see pop up in my work.

Lately, my purpose has started to reveal itself, and that creates a level of fulfillment I wish for everyone. Life is an absolute mirage. All the things your family, your culture, your religion, or your friends told you is all created by their own realities and experiences. The gorgeous part about that? You get to hold claim to your own reality as well.

There are widely accepted expectations all over the place, and I find grand purpose in questioning each and every one of them. If there are still so many problems in this forsaken world, you can’t tell me that we must keep doing things the same damn way. Challenge old expectations if they don’t work for you, then set off a bomb if you need to. (figuratively please).

I firmly believe that grabbing hold of your own self and digging as deep as you can to a place that is the most true to you will be the process that saves the world. Sound dramatic? Yeah, but think about it, you know I’m right. If everyone was grounded within themselves they would be settled and fulfilled. They would not seek to blame others, they would not be selfish, they would automatically move to love and service.

People are selfish because they’re afraid.

What if we all settled into a good ol’ handsome dose of faith?

What makes your heart beat?

What gives you air?

What grounds you within yourself?



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