This month is Child Cancer Awareness month! I am a cancer survivor, but I cannot imagine going through something like that as a child, or having one of my children suffer through the trenches of treatments and uncertainty. Imagine Dragons created one of my favorite Cancer Foundations. If you know me, you know that I have survived cancer, and that I am also not convinced that the research foundations are completely legit. Maybe it’s the fact that foundation CEO’s are extremely wealthy and the cancer industry itself is a multi billion dollar industry. I wonder why we haven’t found a cure yet? 

But I LOVE Imagine Dragons Tyler Robinson Foundation. They had a fan who came to all their shows, Tyler, and he was so positive and sweet. When he passed away, they decided to make this foundation in his name. You can read the whole story on their website.

They raise money and give it directly to families. As you know, the medical bills get so out of hand, and sometimes both parents have to work to make ends meet. A time when a child most needs their parents presence and peace of mind, TRF provides them with the funds needed to support these families during one of the most heart breaking chapters of their life. Here’s where you can learn more, if you feel so inclined.