Rachel Adell is an award winning singer songwriter and poet who describes performing at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville as one of the highlights of her career. Unpainting Roses, her first album, had its second release during Covid 19, 2020. After surviving cancer and moving between four countries and five states for the last few years, she is in the studio preparing to release her second album; Saturday Sunrise. Rachel is motivated to add her voice to a growing number of older women influencing media, politics, and entertainment.

“I’m convinced we’d repair this broken world in under a decade if more women stood up to the old status quo. The next generation needs to know that women do not expire after twenty-five. Women only become more wise, powerful, and awesome as they age. Life is a blessing. Keep going where your heart leads you. If they don’t give you a platform, make one.”

Rachel was born and raised in Oregon with a hippy mom, country loving Dad, and two sisters. During most summer evenings, she remembers falling asleep to the sound of her grandfather and uncles playing blue grass music. She played fiddle as a child, picked up the guitar, sang in classical choirs, and started writing songs with friends as a teen. After college, getting married, working in mental health, and having a baby, she was flooded with more songs. Rachel explained that receiving inspiration for melodies and lyrics “was like a tsunami.” She could be destroyed or ride the wave, she decided to ride the wave.

Folk rock with a modern twist. You might define her sound somewhere between Feist, Billie Eilish, and Debbie Harry.

Stay tuned for her upcoming album; Saturday Sunrise.